“Women have two formidable weapons: the trick and tears. Fortunately for men, can not be used simultaneously”

"Le donne hanno due armi formidabili: il trucco e le lacrime. Fortunatamente per gli uomini, non possono essere utilizzare contemporaneamente"

Marilyn Monroe

domenica 1 febbraio 2015

How I organise my bedroom for Christmas coll. Patience Brewster

Hi girls,
How are you?

I know that is late for a post on Christmas but some days ago a very kind woman who work for Patience Brewster ask me to share my holiday anecdotes. Patience Brewster is an artist company that offers a unique line of ornaments and gifts for holiday and everyday decor. Here you can find his ornaments page I advise you to go and see it because some of them are very nice!

So the first thing I did was buy a Christmas tree. Then I added some light and some pinecones. I put them on my desk near my television.

After that I put this candle and a glass with a pinecone near the tree.

On my bedside table I put some candles and a Christmas plant.

The tree candle *-*

I love candle and I use them a lot. My favourite one are the Yankiee Candle. This Christmass I used specially Christmas Garland, Midsummer's Night, Mandarin Cranberry and Cinnamon Stick.

These were simple things I added in my bedroom for Christmas time. Last year was the first year I organised my bedroom for Chrstimas so I adedded only a few things but I liked my "Christmas bedroom" a lot!
And that's it!

Thanks again to Patience Brewster for this opportunity!


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